Webinar 2 - Recognition & Rewards

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27-11-2020 om 09:30


27-11-2020 om 11:00

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The Dutch Recognition & Rewards network, the ComeniusNetwork and Ruth Graham would like to invite you to a series of webinars regarding recognition and rewards of university teaching, open to the full higher education community.

The second webinar will take place on Friday 27 November 9:30-11:00 am (Central European Time). In this webinar you will be welcomed by Pieter Duisenberg, president of the Dutch Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU). Ruth Graham will be again the moderator.

We are happy to announce that again three speakers will share their insights in the change process in their organizations. The talks are designed to introduce the challenges and opportunities of driving a national/collective reform to the ways in which university teaching is rewarded and recognized, from a range of different perspectives, before opening up the meeting to discussion among all participants.


·        Rianne Letschert (Maastricht University, Netherlands)

·        Dato’ Mohd Saleh Jaafar (Malaysian Ministry for Higher Education)

·        Inger Askehave (Aalborg University, Denmark)

After the webinar we would like to invite you for an interactive post-webinar discussion from 11.15 - 12.00 am organized by ComeniusNetwork. In this session we will reflect in break-out groups on questions and statements that popped-up during the webinars on Monday and Friday. We will specifically address the perspective of the teachers. What is their view on policies that recognize and reward teaching, which concrete examples of barriers or best practices can be shared, and what can teachers do to shape career paths and reward and recognize practices at their university? Of course, we leave room for other relevant issues raised in the webinars. Educational leaders, HR professionals, and others are also welcome to join.

You can sign up for the webinars through a form on VSNU.

On behalf of the Dutch Recognition & Rewards network, Kim Huijpen 
On behalf of the Comenius Network, Ilja Boor and Marion Tillema.